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Locating an existing well on your property?

Have you recently moved to a new location or acquired a new property and have no idea where your well is located? Well don't feel bad. Years ago it was popular to cover the well cap on a property for aesthetic reasons or just to be able to mow over top of it, ut now you aren't the original owner and you don't know where it is. This could be a problem if your well pump fails and you have no water.  We can help you locate your well.  

• 1 to 6-inch diameter steel pipe sticking above the ground, the

  floor of a basement, or a well pit.


• Older wells with casing made of concrete, tile, rock, brick, or stone.

  Newer wells cased with plastic pipe.


• Multiple wells to serve barns, irrigation, and other purposes on

  farm properties.

What to look out for

Entrust our team of expert technicians and the drilling companies we've vetted to safely pinpoint your wells.


Don't leave to chance your well's life expectancy. Some wells last up to 100 years, but most survive somewhere between 25 and 50. Call us today at 717-665-4500 for find yours.


Properties with a long history may have more than one well

Find your wells today

Uncover what water is under your ground


Turn to the area's best for the trickier jobs. We've been at this for 80 years. You can rely on our experience.